Why choose Stainless Steel Handrails & Balustrades

Laser cutting solutions Sydney have now been faced with the increasing demand for stainless steel handrails and Balustrades as they are becoming one of the most popular balustrades both commercially and in homes.  While the balustrades do look aesthetically pleasing, they are also highly considered for their durability and low maintenance unlike balustrades made out of other materials such as wood. Wood can often be scratched and fade away over time, however with stainless steel that is unlikely.

The maintenance of these balustrades is really simple, by regularly cleaning the balustrades with a sponge, warm water, and a mild detergent as harsh chemicals can damage the stainless steel. And to keep their finish, the balustrades can be wiped down with a dry and clean soft cloth to prevent stains and rust.

Stainless steel balustrades can be installed by commercial kitchen manufacturers such as Southern Cross Laser & Sheet Metal. At Southern Cross Laser & Sheet Metal we ensure the safety of our employees and customers when it comes to laser cutting solutions and fabrication.

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