How to Specify Custom Stainless Steel Benches

The use of high-quality stainless steel fixtures that suit all requirements is essential to the success of any commercial project.

We at Southern Cross Laser not only provides the wide range of standard stainless steel benches but also specialize in customized stainless steel benches for all purposes, like – kitchens, hospital, etc. Designed and manufactured exactly as per customized specifications.

With years of experience in custom stainless steel bench manufacturing, there is a significant number of variables that need to be incorporated to provide a fixture suited to individual projects. It would be tough for each variable to adequately detail when specifying fixtures for tender documents and quotation requests, as they can significantly affect the cost and suitability of the stainless steel bench fixtures.

Just to be ensuring with all variables are considered by the specific and detailed clarity in specific documented purpose. Southern Cross laser simply follow the step by step methodology to making this whole process easy:

Specifications Details

  1. Dimensions provided like – length, width, and height of the bench.
  2. Grade of stainless steel to be choose
  3. Provide the additional features that you would like as per your bench to include.
  4. What kind of bonding do you want for your benches?

And, many more features and specifications are involved in it. To know more contact our experts at today! You can also request your CAD design prior to the actual fabrication work starts.

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