Using Large Sheet CNC Hi-Def Plasma Cutting Machines

As technology advances, the use of high-definition plasma cutters has become more prevalent. According to an article by Industrial Heating, high-definition plasma cutting is valuable for many reasons including more accurate cuts, improved part finishes, and better viewing angles during production. It also allows for lower operating costs due to increased power efficiency.

Significance of Hi-Def Plasma Cutting Machines

Hi-def plasma cutters have been around for a number of years, but they have only recently gained popularity. They provide high-definition plasma cutting through increased arc stability and decreased spatter loss. This allows for higher quality cuts in a shorter amount of time compared to low-definition machines due to fewer required passes. In addition, hi-def plasma cutters provide better viewing angles due to the lack of a flood arc.

New Technology Has Changed How Companies Use Plasma Cutters

The introduction of these high-definition machines has changed how companies use plasma cutting technology. The ability to see exactly what you are cutting makes it easier for operators to understand the effects of their actions on the part. Also, the time saved by using hi-def plasma cutters also makes it easier for companies to continue to utilize a machine throughout a shift instead of downgrading to a lower definition approach.

In addition, perfect parts can be produced due to high accuracy and decreased material waste. Employing larger sheet size machines has allowed for more applications to be used in various industries. For example, high definition plasma cutters are now being utilized in the medical device industry due to their ability to produce more accurate cuts on smaller parts that were difficult to cut on low-definition machines. Hi-def plasma cutting is also gaining popularity with custom fabricators because it allows for larger sheet sizes at increased plate speeds.

Hi-Def Plasma Cutters Offer Improved Part Finishes

Hi-def plasma cutters offer higher definition cuts and improved part finishes for a number of reasons. Firstly, high-definition plasma cutting allows for deeper penetration depths by decreasing arc density and spatter loss. Lowering the frequency and voltage and increasing the gas flow allow the gas to cool down and take away excess heat. This also stops the ionization of the electrode which reduces arc fuzzing, making it easier to see exactly what you are cutting while producing a clean edge.

In addition, hi-definition plasma cutters allow for less time spent grinding off burn marks and other surface defects found in lower definition plasma cutters. The reduced spatter also allows for lower machining costs, while decreasing the time needed to produce parts.

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