Trending Types Of Fish Display Counters

When it comes to fish display counters, these are the new types of cabinets that have seen increasing demand in the market these days. There are numerous types of fish display counters in Australia coming up in the market each day. As retailers and shop owners want to have a good appliance in order to entice customers and boost up the sales; that’s why the demand for these fish display counters is increasing day by day. Here, in this article, we’ll discuss various types of fish displays so you can make a better decision.


Clamp Table-Mount Guard Single Face Fish Display

The table-mount guard single-faced display features clear acrylic, which makes it easy to see through and protecting your fish from contamination. This display counter comes in three different colors, making it good for any kind of decor; you can use it as a serve over counter & fish display. In addition, there are two sizes for you so that you can make your selection with ease.


The Condensation Liner Fish Display

When it comes to the condensation liner, it can keep everything clean. With the help of this device, you can trap excess liquid hence keeping food items in a perfect state. This fish display comes in two sizes, making it the best-selling appliance for keeping all your presentations spick and span.


Glacier Buffet Sneeze Guards – Portable Fish Display

The glacier buffet sneeze guard is a highly portable and elegantly designed fish display counter, which is perfect for any food-related or catering business. It is available in a number of sizes to suit diverse needs. This fish display counter is made from scratch-resistant acrylic material and is very durable and can match with anything you have in your aqua collection.


The Iron Large Rectangular Guard

The iron large rectangular guard fish display counter is not only simple but also modern at the same time. It features clear acrylic and two-wire legs making it an easy to serve option for retailers. It is available in three different sizes.


Lids For The Round Melamine Jars

When it comes to the round melamine jars, they are great for keeping your fish fresh. It features poly carbonate material and the hinge of the fish display attaches easily on its sides.


Melamine square jars

Another popular fish display is melamine square jars. It enables you to organize your food appropriately and efficiently. You can buy quite a few of them because they fit side by side, hence offering you a flush look. The white jars add to your creative side, especially when used with a chalkboard pen.


Chilled Salsa/ Dressing Server

Now comes the chilled salsa/ dressing refrigerated serve over display counter, which enables you to serve four varieties at a time using the durable white colored melamine containers. You just need to put the ice at the bottom of any pan (for uncooked fish) and set these containers before you start serving. The fish display counter features 4 melamine white containers made from hard-wearing ABS.  It’s important to consider the size, material, and price among other factors while selecting fish displays.

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