How Does Laser Cutting Work?

Laser cutting has become one of the major manufacturing processes in the Australian engineering industry in recent years. It is a highly versatile process that can be performed on a range of materials. Skilled operators can cut even thick pieces of sheet metal and a range of other materials such as timber and many plastics. Metal cutting services make great use of this technology to manufacture a diverse selection of products. So how exactly does laser cutting work?

As the name would imply, laser cutting uses a laser, which is a precisely focused, high-intensity beam of light. A resonator produces a wide infra-red beam (which is invisible) which is moved by a series of mirrors to a focusing lens in the cutting device. The beam is then focused by a lens to form a tiny focal point, where a large amount of energy can melt or vaporize the material. Skilled metal cutting services will ensure that the head is correctly positioned so that the focal point touches the surface to ensure the best cut. Pressurized gas is also ejected from the cutter to blow the excess metal off the piece.

Laser cutting is used so extensively for cutting steel and other metals because it produces highly accurate and clean cuts. It also only removes a very small amount of material from the cut (known in manufacturing as the kerf width), so complex and highly detailed shapes can be cut with ease by experienced metal cutting services. Southern Cross Laser and Sheet Metal are a second-generation family business specializing in high-quality laser cutting, contact Southern Cross Laser today!

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